Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Because you love me, that's why!

What the blogging world has taught me lately is: Ask and you shall recieve.
Seriously, I wanted to vent and whine about my recent experiences with pregnancy and head lice.. and you let me go on and on and on.. and even dished me out some friendly advice and sympathy. Then I was in search of some good books to read and the responses were overwhelming and will surely keep me busy for the next, oh, year or so. (because I am the World's slowest reader, for one.. and for two, because my reading list is now gigantic) This leads me to my next mission. Money. Bloggies, we seem pretty close now... I think that it is time that we all consider making a teenie-tiny (or huge) donation to the "Get Trina Out the Poor House - Fund". If there were any other respectable way to do this.. then, well, I'm completely unaware of such a path. (*If you are trying to deceifer the sincerity in this post- than just assume that this is for real and consider helpin a sister out)

Well, that was worth a shot.

Anywho... my coworkers are officially taking bets on when this baby's comin out. My due date is August 16th, but for some reason everyone thinks this baby is coming sometime in the first week of August instead. MY OWN personal guess is August 8th - but it might just be wishful thinking. If you'd like to make your own guesses, please feel free to do so in my comments. (along with your donation) Did I mention that I'm now accepting donations?
Oh, and can someone explain to me why my head still itches? The lice is "supposedly" removed... so why do I keep clawing at my poor scalp???????

Thank you for always listening, cyberspace. (except when the internet is down.. then you're kind of pointless)


  1. My money is on the 10th. Good luck with this last little bit, hopefully it goes smoother without the lice. Get some rest.

  2. The 6th..so we can celebrate our birthdays together!!