Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mastering May

Things I learned in May:

  • Getting married requires a lot of paperwork. I'm convinced that it's more paperwork than all of the following combined: applying for a job, filing taxes, buying a home, getting your passport, and having any sort of major surgery
  • No matter how much you DO NOT WANT a baby shower... you will enivitably have two of them thrown for you.
  • Facebook is the devil
  • It's better to be kicked by a three year old than to be spit on by one.
  • There's never a bad time to have a Yard Sale.
  • Take risks -Ask for things when you want them.
  • Babies can (and WILL) have hiccups while in the womb for DAYS on end - even more so when you're trying to get some shut-eye.
  • "Shut-eye" is a thing of the past
  • Pants that fit are a thing of the past


  1. Do the males have to change as much paperwork as the females? Just wondering.

    Ugh, showers. Ugh.

    Facebook = no good.

    I was thinking spit would be better than pain, but then I thought again.

    True, but yard sales are so much WORK!

    Point well made. I need to put myself out there.

    Ohhhhhh, no. I am scared to have babies if for no other reason than I like sleep! :(


  2. I LOVEEE facebook, but not as much as blogspot!

  3. HAHA. I love your posts.

    How close are you to having said baby out in the "real world"?