Thursday, June 18, 2009


I've been blessed today with great foods. Seriously. At 7 months pregnant, food can be a total life-altering thing. This morning I hit up McDonald's for some biscuits w/ gravy. They loaded em' up. I basically licked the styrofoam plate until it disolved. Flippin awesome. Then, I was blessed 2 times with leftover spagetti and a Baby Ruth candybar. (I know, ew, together.. but separate... YUM-E) Then, a few hours later my boss showed up with an ice cream sundae smothered with chocolate syrup! Is it my birthday or something? No, it's BETTER. Guys, it gets better than that. We're going to my favorite place ever after work and eating Cuban Sandwiches. I guess I'll have to just stop by heaven on the way home from there.

Moving on... (while licking the icecream bowl DRY)...
I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but we have our crib now, and a beautiful matching changing table. The baby stuff is coming along nicely. If only my brain could grasp the concept of her somehow finding a way out of my belly. She's huge. To swap her out with a bowling ball would be pretty tolerable and consistent with what it feels like to carry her around in there. (looking back at that first paragraph, I'm pretty confident that she didn't grow that big all on her own) But still, she's huge.

Among all of the typical 700 worries and stresses inching their way around my thick skull... is the stress of my cat. What to do with my precious kitty cat? I thought that we could just keep her separated from the baby/the nursery/all things baby. But, even before the baby has gotten here, I have caught her lounging in the CRIB, car seat, stroller, and changing table MANY, MANY times. This is just NOT COOL. Scott thinks we should just put signs on everything letting her know that certain things are just OFF LIMITS. (like a picture of a cat, with a big X over it) But, I think she needs glasses first. Looks like her new home may be a permanant one outside among the moles that she kills and leaves on our sidewalk. She'll have to adjust to being an outside cat, and I'll have to adjust to her screaming at me to let her in so that she can sleep in the crib.

She'll be alright, won't she???


  1. I always thought pregnant women had it things they would only dream of eating before and not even have to suck in your stomach! They are out and proud. LOVE IT. except for the whole back aches, swollen feet, and the delivery thing!! But YAY for hot fudge sundae and Cuban sandwiches

  2. Left you a little something, something on my blog today! Check it out!

  3. haha... That is hilarious! Good for you. Eat all you want, your pregnant and deserve it!

  4. woohoo! Enjoy it! One day when I am ready, I am really looking forward to being pregnant! Im so excited for you!

  5. I'm sorry I haven't been over to your blog sooner and read through your stuff -- discovered who you are via your blogs, get a good laugh, be entertained, and comment of course -- I'll get to it, I swear.

    In the meantime, I have now read a little (so, expect more comments as I make my way through in the coming days).

    I wanted to say about your cat that I think it'll probably be okay. In my experience, once a baby comes, cats tend to make themselves out of sight for a while -- away from baby stuff and the baby. I'd bet your kitty will do that too once the baby comes. Then, by the time the baby is older and it's okay, the cat will be comfortable around the baby.