Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I can PEE once more!

I'm nearly positive that I've made all you bloggy-buddies pukey for the past few posts - feeding you lovey-dovey, ooshy-gooshy stuff about how I'm so happy and in love.. so I'll give you a break. But, you should also consider giving ME a break because I'm a newlywed....
So, in other news...
My husband is fabulous.
Wait. Just kidding. (I'm hilarious)
I don't have to treck to the ends of the Earth (the basement) to pee! I don't have to smell that grose basement smell when I get out of the "shower" (if you can call it that). Oh! I don't have to wear my flip-flops in the shower! I mean, really, I'm six months pregnant over here. There's no need to make a drowsy, grumpy, clumsy, about-to-wet-myself-6-month-pregnant-chick hike downstairs at 3 in the morning only to find a make-shift port-a-pottie surrounded by sawdust and mud puddles.

Can I just say that I am ubber-relieved that our bathroom is back to normal?! AND.. (bonus feature) it's BEAUTIFUL!! I'll post some pictures of our sparkly new restroom in comparison to the scary basement one... we'll see which one you'd prefer.

Oh yeah, and my husband is amazing.


  1. Found you through Wishcake - it sounds like this is a project that needed to be finished and like it's amazing- I would love to see pictures. Congrats on the new bathroom!

  2. Congratulations on so many exciting things (not just the bathroom ;))