Wednesday, April 22, 2009

You suck! Wait, no, You ROCK!

My office officially sucks and rocks at the same time. The sucky news: every single fundraiser that they put on is totally not pregnant-friendly. Such as:
1st fundraiser: OYSTERfest. O-Y-S-T-E-R-S. And alcohol. And oysters. (mmm.. I love me some oysters, but the "doctor" says they're a no-go)
2nd fundraiser: Rollerskating. Sweet, sweet idea people. But, where's the pregnancy-love, eh?? Sure, it's a blast to watch all of my favorite co-workers go around and around and around and fall on their tooshies 1700 times.. but it's just not as fun as ME falling 1700 times!
3rd fundraiser: (Well, this one COULD be pregnancy-friendly... but it's not $$-friendly) It's some sort of swanky 85 course dinner. I couldn't afford to sneeze in one of the napkins, so I just stay far far far away.

The news that rocks:
They love me. They really really love me. Not only did I receive the most beautiful bouquet of flowers for "Administrative Assistant Day", I also get donuts and cupcakes on a regular basis. Well, they're for the "entire office" or something like that.. but they somehow all end up in my belly. ANDDDD.. In preparation for Earth Day, we officially started a recycling program last week!! (because of mwwwaaaaa.. thankyouverymuch!)

Hey, maybe this working thing isn't so bad afterall.


  1. Do the donuts and cupcakes make up for the roller skating? Oooo, it's a toss-up!

  2. And excuse me, EIGHT DAYS!!!! Eight days 'til WEDDING!

  3. Uh, YAH! Don't worry, I've been in freak-out-mode for a few days now. (and I've been wearing my wedding ring just for funzies)