Friday, January 16, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Scott just called me from home to say that the INSIDE of our windows have frost on them. Could this possibly have anything to do with our $300+ monthly electric bill? Granted, it is 7 degrees outside.. and our poor little house isn't used to the traumas of an actual "winter" in Tennessee. BUT, is that any reason to foot us with the highest electric bill that ever existed. I mean seriously, $350 a month could probably keep a Wal-Mart running for a month! I'm over it. I'm over the electric company telling us that we just need to "dress more warmly". (they seriously said this on their website) I'm pretty positive that a tee-pee would keep me warmer than our house. We've already invested in 2 small portable heaters(which make my shower time way more enjoyable.. but also drive our electric bill up even more), weather-stripping for the windows and doors, plastic sheets that mold to the inside of the windows, and yes, more blankets.

On a side note, Scott and I heard somewhere that if you're pregnant, staying cold will surely mean that you'll have a girl. And, since we both are leaning towards a little girl, I've actually tried NOT to bundle up. Shh.. don't tell the electric company.

All I'm trying to say here, is that I would really appreciate NOT being robbed by powerful companies. I.E: A certain car insurance company (you know who you are), KUB, TVA, a certain HEALTH insurance company, and even my bank (to which I have approximately $29 deposited) Must you take from those who have nothing left to give!!!?!?

Done venting.
Much better.


  1. "Dress more warmly." Well, there's the best disclaimer ever. They might as well say, "Our product is crap, but haha you're stuck." Sheesh. I'm all for the tee-pee.

  2. Hey aunt Trina, I just read you pregnant blog, Mom told me a few days ago the good news, congratulations to you and Scott. She also gave me Scott and yours telephone number and I attempted to leave a message but it told me "your message has been deleted" twice. So call me when you can if you have my number. If not ask Mom for it, because I am afraid to post it online for all ye to see. Love you!!!!!!!!!