Monday, January 5, 2009

Okay, since when does being an hour late to work officially grant me the title of "outcast" for the day???! These people act like they've never been late before!! Is it sooo uncommon to sleep through your alarm clock?! It was an ACCIDENT!!!! I mean, seriously, get over it.
Did I mention that the entire office (except me of course) took all of last week off?? Did I mention that I sat here and did absolutely NOTHING for those 40 hours? If I wanna be an HOUR late to work today, than well.. I'm gonna be.
And if you really lose sleep over me being tardy...
than FIRE ME!!

Phew.. got that outta my system.

Good morning everyone! I had a great weekend. Although, I did spend a lot of the weekend missing Scott and cleaning up after two boys.. it was still a great weekend. I think the boys had a good one too; taking turns trying to get me sick. First Cameron, with his headache and vomiting... then Spencer... same thing.. then, to top it off with whipped cream and a big fat cherry, Scott came home with the same symptoms. I've somehow managed to escape the germs. (soaking myself with antibacterial soap at every chance I get) Meanwhile, as the boys were curled up on the couch with the shivers, I was in the kitchen baking sugar cookies and working on a pot roast that I somehow managed to overcook. In a crockpot.(Is that possible?) ? beats me. I am no Martha Stewart. I should definately leave the cooking up to Scott. Well, and the cleaning too. Thank God that Scott is okay with the fact that I will always leave streaks on the mirror after I clean it, and that "cleaning" usually means hiding things in closets or under the bed, and also the fact that I generally leave wet towels in inconvenient places, and forget to blow out candles. Sometimes it's hard to live with me. I know this because I am ME. He never makes me feel bad for being me. (which was pretty uncommon up until now) I missed him a lot this weekend. He worked over 70 hours last week to help support our unhealthy spending habbits. I love him. (also to support our outragous electric bill of over $600.. which is another whole blog topic I could rant about) Picture this: one house, 2 people, no dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, or television... now picture one of those two people opening the mailbox to find a $600 electric bill. WEEEEE!!
It is now lunch time..
To be continued....

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