Friday, January 23, 2009

Facebook Faux Pas

Dear Mrs.Boss Lady,

Please. I repeat. Please do not send me friend requests on Facebook. I have no desire to be your friend at work, nor in cyberspace. I would possibly consider being your internet friend, if you were actually NICE to me when you "asked" (told) me to do things for you.

What does this mean?? Why does she want to be my friend, when we go days without speaking to eachother. (Her office is DIRECTLY across from mine. About 12 feet away) I am bewildered. Should I hit the DENY button or the IGNORE button?? Hmm...

Here's a quick example of how KIND this woman is to me:
(This is how the day starts pretty much every morning)
ME: "Good morning! How are you?" (attempting to be friendly)
BossLady: "You forgot to print that paperwork for whats-her-name to sign"
(When in reality, I DID print the paperwork and it was sitting all shiney and pretty on my desk for whats-her-name (Tammy) to sign)
ME: "Oh good... I'm glad you're doing good"
BossLady: "And why did you schedule a 2:30 appt? We only do 3:00."
ME: (at this point on the verge of throwing stuff) "They could only get here at 2:30 and we had no other appointments. I made the executive decision."
BossLady: "Well, we don't do those." "Oh. And, You need to stock the chips and drinks in the back"

This kind of dialogue continues for a few minutes and then we don't talk to eachother until she decides I'm not busy enough.

Hell to the no, I don't want to be your friend on Facebook or in the real World. Please, BITE ME. :)



  1. I think it's just creepy when boss's get a FB profile.

  2. I wouldn't say "please" before the "bite me." Go ahead, gleefully click IGNORE.

  3. maybe she fancies you. At least she didn't poke you...


  4. I cannot handle being friends with bosses on facebook. Or old people.

    It's freaking weird.