Friday, January 23, 2009

Baby Peanut Update

I haven't been keeping you informed on our little peanut.. (future mini-me) So, here goes:
Fact #1: Our little peanut is actually now the size of a Large LIME! (woah)
Fact #2: Peanut has reached a pivital point in the growing process and is no longer an embryo... but a FETUS!
Fact #3: Peanut can now make fists with Her/his hands, and no longer has webbed fingers and toes. (awww... but they were so cute!)
Fact #4: Morning sickness has subsided (although it wasn't that bad in the first place)
Fact #5: Back pain. Back pain. Back pain.


  1. Uh, ultrasound pics please! Of course, only if you want to. ;) Hi Fetus!!

  2. I am soooooo not looking forward to Fact #5 should I ever become pregnant. Bulging disc from cheerleading and gymnastics + fetus = yeeeeeeeeeoooow!

  3. Have you reall named it Peanut? Just wondering.