Monday, December 15, 2008


So, I'm definately trying out some new backgrounds on this blogger-ma-bobber.. We'll see which one is the lucky winner by the end of the week. It's mainly a product of complete boredom here at the office today.

By the way, my birthday is WedNesDaY! Scott has planned the coolest gift for me.. which is dinner at Wasabi's with all of my closest friends. They all don't know eachother, and it makes my heart all warm and fuzzy to think of us as one big happy family. I. Can't. Wait. Plus, who doesn't like to watch the Chef fling little shrimp at all your friends??

*side note to Scott: if the wait-staff finds it necessary to stomp around on a drum and sing "happy birthday" while clapping and marching around ridiculously, then I will surely repay you ten-fold.* (just keep that in mind) Also, I just realized that, HOLY COW, Christmas is NEXT WEEK!!!! Hmmm.. not good. It's funny, because every year my birthday is 8 days before Christmas, and yet every year Christmas sneaks up on me! Sneaky ol' Christmas.... you just wait... I'll catch you one year!! HA! (by the way.. coolest gift we've purchased thus far.... lifesize IRON MAN cardboard cut out for Spencer.) *(Wait.. ACTUALLY the coolest gift purchased so far is a gift that I got for Scott.. but I cannot mention it at this time..) ;)
Well, enough jibber-jabbering for now. My mission to kill 20 minutes has now been fulfilled. Til we meet again.... love, Trina