Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fun Factoids!

1. I burnt my arm on the vaporizer last night. It left a rather unattractive welt. (is it Welt or WHelt? Hmm..)
2. I met a man at the laundry mat that only wanted banana pudding for Christmas. (why, so you can remember how disgusting it is and move on with your life?)
3. I drove home today on my lunch break just to eat Wheat Thins.
4. Also, at the laundry mat, I was asked if I robbed the cookie monster. (my logic: I know, I've gained 10 pounds through the Holidays.. but geez... not a nice way to put that, Mister!) (His logic: my unusually large tub of change that I tote around with me to places like the laundry mat somehow insinuates that I robbed the cookie monster) *it's actually my life's savings*
5. I don't go to the laundry mat alone anymore.
6. I won Scrabble last night, simply by adding an S to words that Scott had already put down.
7. I inherited my Grandma's plant this weekend. (seriously, inherited it.) Please pray for me that I will not kill the thing.
8. Driving 8 hours on Christmas Day probably means that you will be eating at IHOP for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
9. I wore Jane Seymour's sunglasses today... Jane.. if you want them back, you can probably find them on E-bay in the next hour or two. ;)
10. Don't buy me white clothing. Ever. It will inevitably end up smeared with chocolate, ketchup, mustard, or spagetti sauce. (or possibly all of those things at once) Actually, you may want to consider buying me a bib next Christmas.. just a thought? I won't be offended. Promise. Or maybe one of those Clorox Bleach Pens??
11. My sister filled me in on Freecycle.com. It's sorta like Craigslist.. but not as Spam-y, and everything's free! I'm just gonna sit back and wait for someone to offer me a new washer/dryer. Or, hell, a trip to the Bahamas would be nice. (hey! A girl can dream, right!?)
12. No joke - I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico. Yes, that little talking lizard dude saved me $36 a month! Which also adds up to a whopping $432 A YEAR!!! This has really got me thinking about how I should start my nasty letter to State Farm. (my previous insurance company)
Dear State Farm,
Please... Suck it.

Dear State Farm,
How can you sleep at night?

Dear State Farm,
I hope you atleast gave your employees an extra holiday with the money that you stole from my pockets.

Dear State Farm,
Please, please, PLEASE Suck it.

Dear State Farm,
The only time you called me was when you wanted money. Geico calls me just to say hello.
We are SO over.

*Now back to our regularly scheduled Fun Factoid List*
13. I'm positive that you've heard it, but I'm definately diggin The Fray's new song "You found me". They haven't quite overplayed it on the radio yet, but I'm sure I will be thoroughly loathing this song within a week or so.


  1. Ha, I used to have State Farm insurance when I had a car. Also, I bought 2 boxes of Wheat Thins today. Definitely worth driving home for ;)

  2. Could you be any more hysterical? So fun to learn more about your fabulous writing style. I inherited part of gma's plant, too. Dad's mum? Still kicking. Is that the one? If so, that was sent home with her from HER mom's funeral. In 1993. It is old,old,old. No pressure...lol.