Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Countdown to Doomsday...

It's happening.
Yes, the wisdom teeth are comin out tomorrow.

I have tried every excuse to delay the surgery. Every. Excuse. I even went so far as to call the surgeon and personally ask him if my sinus infection will affect the outcome. I mean, surely, DayQuil could mess with the anesthesia?! Or, Or... umm.. maybe I don't have enough money! Yah, that's a damn good excuse.. because I really don't have the money.. but no.. they'll work out a "payment plan". Oh. Thanks. Wait! What about work?? Yah.. they're not gonna let me off of work.. right????
Wrong again. They will gladly let me take not a 3 day weekend.. but a FOUR day weekend.

Well, crap.

The only excuse that I have left is the fact that the tips of my fingers on my left hand are probably going to fall off from "playing" guitar last night. (Scott is so patient with me) Somehow, though, I don't think that my fingers have anything to do with tearing holes in my gums to pull out perfectly healthy teeth.

Oh.. and not to mention that MY BIRTHDAY is coming up. I surely cannot have purple swolen cheeks on my 23rd b-day!! (Two different people have decided that I must know that when THEY'RE wisdom teeth were pulled, their cheeks puffed up like balloons and were purple for 2 weeks) Needless to say, I have been oober-paranoid ever since.

So, if you don't hear from me for the next few days.. it's because I was suckered into this oral surgery bull-crap. Please pray for me that the drugs work. Hopefully I will sleep my way to recovery....

I will keep you posted with fabulous swolen-face-drugged-up-I'm-gonna-kill-somebody- Pictures! :)


  1. Good Luck! I hope everything goes well :)

  2. i had to give you some hope hun. i had mine taken out..well let's just say a long time ago and it went great. no swelling, no brusing, i was suckin on chips that night (seeing as how it was new years eve)lol 3 of them were already coming through so i'm not sure if that made a difference but i'm sure yours will go awesome. good luck

  3. Sweetie, you will do just great! The pain killers will help lull you into dream land and I really doubt your cheeks will be purple. I will keep you in my prayers...but you'll be fine. ;)

  4. Weeeell,

    At least you'll have that squirty syringe thing to flush out the holes in your gums. They're fun to squirt at people and gross them out.

    I got my wisdom teeth out in high school. I remember buying the drugs but not really needing them, so it's possibly something you won't experience too much discomfort with.

    Or it could be really bad. Just saying.