Friday, November 7, 2008


I am relieved. aaaa. Sometimes you just want a nice, relaxing night at home with three -very boyish- boys. I really just wanted, for tonight, to watch them wrestle around the living room, hear their strange boy-noises, and clean up the soda-rings that are left on all the furniture. I know, it doesn't sound quite like heaven.. but I enjoy it every now and again. Hanging out with them reminds me so much of MY childhood.. with my 2 big brothers... hanging me upsidedown for unlimited amounts of time, holding my belongings high above their heads- just out of my reach.. "horsing around" (as mom would say). Boys are so different than the rest of us. To be a girl, or a woman, is to be strong.. but a different kind of "strong" than the boys.. it's running for that band-aid when the boys get hurt, we must fix all of their boo-boos. To be a girl is to be careful, and patient... to watch closely as boys get so frustrated when assembling something (such as packaged furniture) .. and then to pick up the instructions, and gracefully and tactfully assemble it behind their backs. It's still quite fun and interesting to watch the egos soar, but we do it without bragging. Tonight, I intend to watch them closely.. to hear how they compete with one another... with boys, it is almost always a race to the finish. I love being a girl, because it's much more fun to watch the race than to participate. I think I'll just sit back, relax, and watch a good game of "a night with 3 boys".

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