Thursday, October 30, 2008

Posted July 29,2008

I'm starting my blog by posting a comic strip that I love, about the birds and the bees. It seems like I've thought a lot about the subject this week. Actually, right now the birds and the bees are controlling my life. Damn birds. Really, it's not their fault. I am the one that gets love struck by every litte bird that comes my way. (I hope you can tell that I am not talking about birds) The problem is that I am so painfully optimistic. I see the good in all people, when in reality, I probably fabricate even that. Instead of giving you the run-around, I will explain it simply. I am stuck in the middle of two great men. There. I said it. I know what all the women are thinking, "Poor you". But, seriously, it sucks. It's like some freaky little love triangle. I've considered having neither man, just to satisfy the need to not feel like a total scum-bag. But, I'm not a fan of that option either. Crap. I am scum. Anyways, long story short.. "Birds is gud. Eat dem if you can. But no eat bees. Dey sting you face". (I think eventually, they all sting you in the face)

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