Thursday, October 30, 2008

I love my job.

Here is a summary of the randomness that my job included today:
-Dressing up in prom dresses/army hats/barbie shoes
-Taking pictures of us dressing up in prom dresses/army hats/barbie shoes
-Researching rug prices for my new house
-Picking crayon pieces out of the couch in the lobby
-Running through the office with a urine sample
-Coloring Dora the Explorer/Barney
-Tracking down the owners of a cooler that was left in the lobby.. ??
-Explaining the importance of washing our hands after cheezy doritos
-Cleaning up the pre-lecture cheezy dorito stains
-Watering dead plants
-Internet banking
-Last but certainly not least....... piggy-back-rides to the potty. Fun.
Don't you just wish you had my job????? :-)

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