Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sing me a song....

A few goings on...
It's winter time here in the Smoky Mountains. The love of my life is singing his heart out to a crowd that just turns up the football game to tune him out. It's not their fault. They came here to watch football. We came here to make $150... regardless of how many people listen. I love him for putting himself out there like that. My job seems so easy when I think about it......


  1. I'm curious, what was his performance for? Singing the national anthem? Tell me more!

    Good to see you post something. I know you're busy though :)

  2. I always feel bad for musicians when nobody seems to be listening. I try to get people to clap at the end of the song or to at least show some interest and appreciation.

  3. E:
    He's a musician/singer/songwriter... so he was singing at this restaurant in the mountains. He usually plays there a few times a month, and it's TORTURE!! It's torture because it's cold, few people take the time to listen, and when they DO listen they request annoying songs that Scott would never waste his time to learn. He really is the most talented person that I know... and I'm not just saying that because I'm his wife. You can judge for yourself and hear his music at: (that's right, Scott, I just did what they call a "plug") lol

  4. Tamara:
    I always clap really loud for him - and it's usually contagious. I'm not sure if people realize how rude they can be by not acknowledging someone singing a beautiful song 20 feet away.

  5. I am definitely going to listen to him!
    You're right -- it definitely takes guts to get up and peform for people. The least people can do is be gracious.

    I'm off to his page right now (that is, after I comment on your other post!) :-)