Sunday, August 23, 2009

Long Time Gone

I'm not sure how to start this post. In the past month I have:
- Conquered the flu while 8 months pregnant (if you call near-death the flu)
- Conquered childbirth (a 9lb. 3 oz. beauty)
- learned that I can hold/change/take care of a newborn baby
- had severe financial uncertainties
- cleaned nearly every baby related item known to man (four to five times each)
- read 4 books that were all the same (no thanks to Nicholas Sparks)
- lost 35 lbs. (why wasn't that at the top of my list??)
- blown two tires
and... did I mention I lost 35 lbs?
Okay, now that I've brought everyone up to speed.. can you believe that I popped a 9 lb. baby outta there?!!? Seriously. AND, my pants fit again (better than ever I might add), I can bend over to pick stuff up, I can hug my husband without twisting my belly to the side, I can lay down on my stomach, I can eat an entire plate of food, heck.. I can even see my own feet! (which, I have to admit look absolutely stunning when they're not swollen and throbbing) Sadly, the only thing that's missing is the wonderful ability to balance stuff on my tummy. Oh well, such is life. But, enough about ME. I had a BABY. Her name is Novalee Ray and she is the most amazing thing that I've ever done. Maybe it's a new mom thing, or maybe I'm just extra paranoid. But I love her so much that she keeps me up at night.. I just stare at her and make sure that she's okay. When she has the hiccups - I count them in my head. When she doesn't make a noise for 4 or 5 minutes - I place my hand on her chest to make sure she takes a breath. When she whimpers - I feel sad.
Moral of this baby story is that I am so unbelievably proud of myself for providing her a healthy body to grow in, and a loving house to live in. Our entire family is so lucky to have Novalee. She is a gift that I will always cherish. And now... a few more pictures of Novalee's cuteness in action!

Mohawk Novalee

Dressed up Novalee

Sleepy Novalee

Ticked-off Novalee

And, my personal favorite.. Pirate Novalee


  1. Novalee! What a cute name!

    There are so many things to comment on but I think I'll just go with congrats! Oh and she is freaking adorable.

  2. Congratulations new momma! She is beautiful. What a gift. Good luck getting into a new mom routine.

  3. Wow. Way to go, champ! Seriously. Making a baby (and a cute one at that) is pretty darn impressive. Good job on that weight loss too, wowsa!

    I should also mention that I LOVE her name :)

  4. Stunning kid you got there! And Congratulations you mamma! :D