Friday, June 12, 2009

Please feed the animals!

I work in a fish bowl.
4 walls - 3 of them are windows.
Numorous pairs of eyes staring into me for 8 hours a day.
Should I do something interesting for them??
Or is it interesting enough just watching me eat candy and spill stuff on my keyboard? Perhaps I should write a little blurb about myself and post it to the window.. like at the zoo. But instead of "Please do not feed the animals" it will say "she likes to eat cupcakes, and accepts donations". Seriously. I had one woman stare at me so hard that I went to check the mirror to make sure I wasn't sitting there with marker all over my face or something.

It's odd being a secretary.
Very odd.

People expect you to know things that you will never know. Like, "Do you know who called for me last monday, or well.. it might have been Friday?" or "How much does it cost to mail this?" (holding insanely large mysterious box) or "Do you know where we keep the (fill in blank)?" or my very very very favorite, "I'm supposed to meet with someone....(giving me blank stare, like I know who it is they're meeting with....)". I may be a genius. Heck ya, I am a genius. But, I have no Earthly idea why people think that I have the answers to all things "office". Is there some magic secretary out there???

I want to meet them.


  1. If I were you I would draw a thought bubble on the glass with window paint. Then write sarcastic notes and put them in the thought bubble especially when someone asks you a ridiculous question. You're job might be at risk if you were to do this but your sanity would remain.

  2. Jealous of your windows. I am more in a cell, with no windows. However, it comes in handy for hiding - yours not so much. Keep on keepin on!

  3. Me, too! Jealous, jealous, jealous of the windows. My office is in a basement!!!

    My boss does the same things, tho, he comes in an says what was the name of that person I talked to sometime in the last few days & then proceeds to tell me random facts about said person, so that I'll know who it is.
    It's kinda like jeopardy!