Friday, March 20, 2009


Dear Mr.Obama,
Thank you for my extra 15 dollars on my paycheck this week. Just think of all the shenanigans I can pull with 15 smack-a-roos! I just wanted to ask why the Paycheck-Gods are not happy with me. Although I appreciate my extra "incentive" for being a good, hard working American Citizen, I really think that you should have looked into other avenues for dishing out dough. You see, while you were raising my amount of take-home-pay, Mr.Health Insurance Company effictively lowered my take-home-pay. Did they know that you were planning this kind gesture? In turn, did they decide that this would be a "convenient" time to raise my insurance rates and stick me with crappier insurance? It was sort of a "YaY! BOO!" moment. (15 extra bucks! YAY! 30 less bucks! BOO!) Perhaps just a 20 in the mail would have been a little smoother.. then maybe we could have fooled those insurance scammers for once. (I know, I'm pretty optimistic)
P.S- Good job on Leno last night. You filled out brackets, watched American Idol, bowled, spent 800 Billion dollars, ran the country, and still found time to send me an extra $15. Wow. I feel the love.


  1. haha, I noticed that too! I'll take any extra money I can these days!

  2. He's a regular Santa Claus, isn't he?