Friday, March 20, 2009


Dear baby,
You are almost 19 weeks old now. Woah. (that's nearly 5 months!!!) (I know you can't add yet, and probably never will be able to since you have your mom's genes. Sorry) But, 5 months is a long time. You poke me now. I feel your little knees and elbows.. and when I poke you back, you kind of poke harder.. so I don't do it very much. You like to dance when I'm trying to sleep. You make me eat. A lot. You make me eat my vitamins. My vitamins make me pukey-feeling. You could be a girl. You could be a boy. Hopefully you're one or the other. They say that you can hear me now. I've tried to watch my language. I also try not to sing so loud in the car.. because you could be sleeping. I haven't buttoned my pants in over two weeks. I can't run, hike, roller skate, jump rope, climb, somersault, bungee jump, drive a go-kart, ice skate, raft, sled, play football, drink Dr.Pepper, or belly-flop. (bowling is still questionable) But, I love you, and will one day whoop your butt in all of those things.
See you in two weeks, baby! We love you!
a.k.a MOM


  1. I think poking the baby sounds like fun; this isn't frowned it?

    And I think you can sing in the car if they're sleeping. Hey, they wake YOU up when you want to sleep...besides, maybe if they're awake now, they'll sleep when YOU want to!

  2. oh i loved to feel him feeling in the world. love it while he/she's still a resident....soon enough he'she will be bouncing ON your belly which hurts far more :)