Monday, January 26, 2009

Boss Lady just did it again. While she was on her two hour lunch.. I took a message for her from an Insurance Adjuster. It was a neat and tidy note. Very precise. Name, company, message, phone #, time, date.. you name it.. it was on the post-it. And what does she say?????!!?

"You wrote the number wrong" (while chucking my nice, neat post-it note back in my face)

In my opinion, there were 4 or 5 different ways that sentence could've been said. First of all, I know FOR A FACT that I wrote down the exact # that dude gave me. Is there any chance that Mr. Insurance Adjuster could have given me the WRONG NUMBER!!!?? Huh, boss lady!!?

She assumes that whatever it was, I screwed it up. And, well, in most cases I am somewhat clumsy.. like in walking, or driving, or riding a bike. BUT, when I'm doing my job, I do it in the best way that I can do it. I don't "forget" to print things, or write down phone #'s wrong, or "forget" to do Fill in blank. (Because, honestly, in my line of work, writing down the wrong # could potentially keep an alleged perpetrator from going to jail that much sooner) AND, if I do somehow manage to flub something up, I am the VERY FIRST one to apologize and to make it right. I am WAYYY over boss lady assuming I'm a total dill-weed. One more snide remark from her, and God only knows what's gonna come outta my mouth.
ERRRGG!! Absolutely frustrating!

UPDATE: I also just overheard her telling someone OVER THE PHONE that I wrote down the wrong number. Not cool, Boss Lady, NOT cool.


  1. I am amazed at how well you keep your cool. I would be practicing my nice speech to her...the snarkily subtle one where you give her the jab but she doesn't QUITE know you've jabbed her. (Peeeooooowww! That's my sound effects for coming in for the jab and zooming back out).

  2. believe me i understand. my team leader sat there looking over my behaviour plan yesterday..repeating the same questions X 4 till i was about ready to hit her. i mean.just say what you mean damitt. besides. with the crap i'm going through right now..she should know i'm rather out to lunch. i hate boss's..they suck!

  3. One of the best things Johnny Boy taught me? "Effum". Just say it to yourself over and over like a mantra. Serenity now...