Thursday, December 18, 2008

Poor Scott.
He might have truly screwed himself this time.
Why? You ask...
Well, let me break it down for you. Scott is a singer-songwriter. He is quite fabulous, if you ask me. He is very very talented and has worked very hard to surround himself with talented musicians. His bass player, Peeps, is probably the best bassist in the southeast that isn't already touring with a crazy-famous musician.. so he absolutely lucked out with snatching him. BUT, being the BEST, he is has a very crowded schedule. Here lays the problemo - Scott has booked a very important local t.v interview/performance for TOMORROW at Studio 865, and Mr.Peeps is unavailable for the gig. Bad news, right?
Well, maybe not, thinks Scott...
"I'll just get my BOSS'S UNCLE to play. He plays bass! My boss says he's great... we'll just practice it on THURSDAY (the day before the show, by the way), and we'll be all set."
"Mmm.. honey... might not be a good idea. I mean, you haven't heard him play, and he will have to learn five songs in oh.. 2 hours"
"Yah.. but it'll be fine. No worries."

Here we are.. 2 hours later.. and OH. MY. GOD.
Scott would be better off if he asked ME to play it for him. I'm beginning to think that the Boss's Uncle just yanked someone's bass guitar and played it for the very first time 2 hours ago. So now what? He has to tell HIS BOSS'S UNCLE (who is flippin excited about this whole thing) that he can't play with him TOMORROW, because it would thoroughly ruin his career. Permanantly.

I love you, Scott...
But you may be on your own on this one.

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