Friday, October 31, 2008

Quick recap

So long Yahoo! You've screwed me over for the last time!!! I feel like that "girl" who gets in a fight with the mechanic at Pep Boys over an oil change and screams, "Well, you just lost yourself a customer!!!!". The Pep Boys guy doesn't care.. and neither does Yahoo. Oh well, I feel some sort of satisfaction from walking out on Yahoo. Wait, let me rewind a little....

This love-hate affair with Yahoo all began several months ago, when I sat down to write a blog entry. First of all, this was no ordinary blog entry. The switch in my brain was turned on, the words were flowing like water, the keyboard was my best friend. Ever. I sat and typed the longest of long blogs for.. I'd say for a good hour.. maybe longer. And how did Yahoo repay me??? Deletion. Was it a glitch?? My mistake? umm.. No. Yahoo messed with my mind. So, I was angry, pretty damn angry.. BUT.. I got over it. I decided to give Yahoo the benefit of the doubt, and continue to use its' services. Okay, sounds good, right? Wrong again. This cycle of long blogs and "mysterious" deletions continued for the next few months.. Until YESTERDAY. I mean really, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.. sooo... I am not crazy ANYMORE! And, Yahoo can officially bite me. So, anyways, yesterday I spent the latter part of the day switching all of my blog entries to this new fabulous blogger site. TA-Da! I hope it is enjoyed.

OH! Holy cow! It's Halloween! Happy Halloween, world! I'm not dressing up today, or heading to a party, or even wearing a tacky black and orange shirt to work. No, today is pretty much just a regular day. I did my share of Halloween charity a few days back.. when my coworker and I vollunteered at the Knoxville Zoo. (that experience is an entire blog in itself!) Let's just say, I, a witch, and Monica, a hippie, enjoyed freezing our tails off, corndogs, and the smell of goat-poop... yeah.. it was quite an experience. The joys of impulse-vollunteering. I'd like to say that it was "for the children", but that would be a lie. I think that we did it to miss work for 2 hours. I did, however, thoroughly enjoy seeing all the cute costumes.. the dragons, and the princesses..

Yesterday, I also made that lovely trip to the Dentist. Yip. Eee. The news was not good. I remember now why I was avoiding the dentist for so long in the first place. Diagnosis:
(I'll start with the more mild problems) Some gingivitis (easily fixable with good flossing skills), 2 fillings, 1 cavity (which I think is pretty good).. He also says that my wisdom teeth are getting yanked (they're growing in sideways. Yay.), I have an under-bite.. which means that I'm headed to the Orthodontist so that he can BREAK MY JAW and put it back in place (niiiccccee!), oh.. and that I need braces. Anything else, DOC!!!???!!! Root-cannal??!! Brain surgery?? Seriously!!? Why not just rip em all out and gimme some dentures??! Let's just say, that I'm the most thrilled about my jaw being broken. Yay!!! Yay!! I. Can't. Wait.

Anywhoooo.. I'm so thrilled that it's Friday! AND Halloween! I'm happy to be avoiding drunkfest downtown tonight, and eager to lay on the couch awaiting the kiddies trick-or-treating. So long October... you will be missed....

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