Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Magical Morning

Posted August 6, 2008

I swear I am trying to write about something other than Scott. I promise. I'm trying. What else is there? Hmm.. okay, I'll give it a shot... It's a beautiful day today, it truely is. It would be a great day to be outside with Scott.. oops. Okay, I'll try again... I almost found a place to live yesterday. It seemed like the right fit for me. Perfect size, great location.. only problem is.. what about Scott????! Darn it. I can't do it.
Side note:
For future reference, if you are reading this blog in hopes of finding some lonely girl, who's ticked off at the world.. you might want to look elsewhere. Because I am totally and completely in love.. you will not hear me complain anymore. It will probably be annoying. The sound of true happiness could possibly make you jealous, angry, or sick to your stomach.. but I'm sorry.. it's not going to change. Ever. I could possibly be the most giddy, loved, happiest woman alive. So, if you're searching for someone to relate to, who is miserable and intolerable, keep looking; because you won't find that here.
Okay, back to Scott......
Thank you so much for a magical morning. It feels strange to miss you while I'm sleeping. That's a first for me. (Because you know how much I love my sleep) I wish that I never had to sleep. That would be officially awesome. Wait.. YOU are officially awesome. I love you. Always. Endlessly. Entirely. I'm constantly thinking about you, and when I do it makes me glow with the biggest happiness that ever existed. Thank you for being magical. I love you.

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